WCEC is comprised of organizations and individuals concerned about the impact that our current moneyed political system has on the state’s citizens and taxpayers. Our goal is to promote elections that are both clean and fair to all parties and candidates.

No matter what your core social or economic issue, you can almost always trace its roots to money in politics.

  • High personal, sales and property taxes,
  • Unwanted stadium taxes,
  • Unaffordable health care costs,
  • Poor health care coverage,
  • Exorbitant prescription drug costs (even after taxpayers fund the research through National Institutes of Health grants),
  • Environmental pollution,
  • Frivolous lawsuits,
  • Unnecessary road construction,
  • And other bad laws that transfer public assets to private interests.

Politicians need cash to get re-elected. Special interests need politicians to get laws passed. It’s a perfect match, but one costly to taxpayers and non-participating businesses and organizations.

The current system is broken, and it needn’t be. We hope to influence its future direction.