Why we Care

Why we care

Because no matter what your core economic or social concern, it is almost always directly traceable to the special interest money in — and influence upon — our political system:

  • High taxes result when politicians write laws to give tax breaks or subsidies to wealthy campaign contributors, or spend taxpayer money on special projects that are not needed;
  • Weak environmental laws result when corporations lobby with cash in hand to ensure that “dumping” and other environmental violations remain free from legal prosecution;
  • High health care costs result when lobbyists succeed in removing controls that limit unnecessary hospital spending, or to block tort reform legislation that has driven frivolous lawsuits and malpractice costs;
  • Needed community projects suffer when state dollars are siphoned off by the special interests who fund our public electoral system; and
  • Elections remain unfairly tilted toward the two-party duopoly, blocking fair ballot access by qualified third-party and independent candidates.